In 1989, the Virginia Assembly passed a law which required unites of local government in Virginia to implement recycling programs to recycle 25% of their solid waste.



  • glass bottles are NOTbeing accepted at this time


  • must be clean & dry
  • must be broken down into flats


  • must be clean & dry
  • be placed loose in box
  • can include all slick advertising supplements
  • can accept phone books & office paper
  • cookie boxes
  • junk mail
  • cereal & rice boxes
  • detergent cartons
  • shredded paper
  • no cardboard or corrugated boxes in newspaper bins


  • all plastics must be clean & empty
  • flatten all  bottles
  • include only those containers with bottoms marked 1 or 2
  • Plastic soda bottles, milk & water jugs, laundry detergent containers
  • no cottage cheese
  • no yogurt cups
  • no plastic film or wraps
  • no styrofoam containers
  • no pesticide or herbicide containers
  • no anti-freeze or motor oil bottles
  • no bags or boxes in collection bins


  • steel, bi-metal,tin & aluminum cans
  • aluminum siding or other scrap metal
  • rinse aluminum foil wrap & foil containers & pans
  • empty & rinse all cans
  • labels are acceptable on metal cans
  • no aerosol cans
  • no pesticide or herbicide containers


No business or commercial waste shall be deposited at the convenience centers. Acceptable quantities of waste shall mean no single load can be delivered to a convenience center in a vehicle larger than a pickup truck and the waste shall not be higher than the top of the bed.

Special Dates

Currently no special dates have been setup for collection of hazardous waste.