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Messages from the Sheriff

 Victim Advocacy
The Victim/Witness Program helps victims and witnesses of crimes by providing information and support throughout the court process.  Victims (and witnesses) have an important role in the prosecution of cases, which may be frightening and frustrating.  We are here to make the experience easier for you.  Our services are free.  We are here to help if you are a victim of a crime, domestic violence or sexual assault.

Staff and Hours

Harold Street

Victim/Witness Director
Harold Street
(276) 223-6109

V-Stop Director
Emily Walters
(276) 223-4130
Office: (276) 223-4153

Hours of Operation
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Monday - Friday
After hours or weekend call dispatch
(276) 223-6000/ 6001

 When to Call

  • you have questions about your role as a witness
  • you would like an explanation of court procedures or a courtroom tour before you testify
  • you want assistance filing for victims' compensation
  • you need a referral to social services agencies that provide emergency financial assistance
  • you would like someone to escort you to court
  • you have received crime-related threats or harassment
  • you need information regarding the status of your case
  • you need a referral to legal aid

 If you are the victim of a crime you may be entitled to the following:

  • PROTECTION: separate waiting area while your case is being heard.
  • FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: prompt return of property being held as evidence as the conclusion of the case.  Information about filing for Crime Victims' Compensation.
  • NOTIFICATION: employer contact to ensure that you are excused from work while appearing in court as a victim or witness.  Case status and disposition information about your case.  Notification from a local jail or the penitentiary of the convicted assailant's release or name change.  Notification from the Attorney General's Office of an appeal being granted (All upon written request which can be accomplished through the Victim/Witness Program) without cost to you.
  • VICTIM INPUT: submission of a victim impact statement after defendant's conviction.  Ability to remain in court during your case, unless excluded as a material witness or by order of the court.
  • COURTROOM ASSISTANCE: confidentiality of your address, phone number and place of employment (on request).  Provision of an interpreter during court proceedings.
  • RESTITUTION: the defendant can be ordered by the court to pay a restitution to the victim of the crime.  If the victim has had medical costs, damage or loss resulting from an offense, the court may order the victim be reimbursed by the defendant.

Safety Plan

  • Know the emergency telephone number - 911.
  • Don't get trapped in kitchen or bathroom.
  • Plan an escape route.
  • Take your children with you.
  • Know a safe place to go.
  • Have an extra car key.
  • Gather important papers, some clothes, and phone numbers.  Store them with a friend or neighbor along with cash.
  • Tell a neighbor about this violent behavior.  Arrange a signal so police can be called if needed.

Emergency Numbers

Wythe County Sheriff's Department - 223-6000
Wytheville Police Department - 223-3300
Rural Retreat Police Department - 686-4221
Magistrate's Office - 223-6090
Commonwealth Attorney - 223-4131
Wythe County Department of Social Services - 223-5493
Family Resource Center - 888-834-5633
Mt Rogers Mental Health - 223-3200
Victim/Witness Director - 223-6109
V-Stop - 223-6103
Intake Office - 223-6048
Legal Aid - 888-201-2772
VA State Police - 800-542-8716
VA Family Violence Hotline - 800-838-8238
VA Sexual Assault Hotline - 800-838-8238
J & D Clerk - 223-6075

National Hotline Numbers

National Domestic Violence Hotline - 800-799-7233
Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network
- 800-656-4673
National Sexual Violence Resource Center
- 877-739-3895
National Center for Victims of Crime, Stalking Resource Center
- 800-394-2255
National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline
- 866-331-9474


According to the 2007 National Crime Victimization Survey of the United States, approximately 623,000 violent crimes - 554,000 against female victims - were committed by an intimate partner and approximately 248,300 rape/sexual assault victimization occurred in 2007.  The 2007 BJS Report on "Homicide Trends in the US" revealed that about one-third of female murder victims were killed by an intimate [partner].  A study released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that about 10% of students report being physically hurt by a boyfriend or girlfriend in the last 12 months.  Lastly, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics Supplemental Victimization Survey on Stalking, and estimated 3.4 million persons age 18 or older were victims of stalking during a 12 month period.  A coordinated state and community response from advocacy organizations, the criminal justice system, and other leaders is critical to reducing violent crimes against women by enhancing victim safety and offender accountability.


General District Court
Circuit Court
Southwest Virginia Legal Aid Society
cicf.state.va.us - CICF is the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund where people apply for funds to cover cost of criminal injuries such as medical, mental, funeral, loss of wages, home security, and others.  They can apply on line which cuts paper work and time for process.
vinelink.com - Lets you sign up for notice when someone is going to be released from jail or prison, or to check if they are still in that system.
vaonline.org - Victim Assistance Online a non-profit information, research and networking resource for victim assistance to research, review and publish link directories on victim assistance related topics.

A Message from the Wythe County Sheriff:

On July 1, 1997, the Wythe County Sheriff's Office established a Victim/Witness Program.  We in the Sheriff's Office would like to take this opportunity to stress the importance of your role as a victim or witness in the judicial procedures in prosecuting the criminal element in our county.  The Victim/Witness Program and V-Stop was created in my office to assist the citizens in making their experience as a Commonwealth's witness as understandable and as comfortable as possible.  I sincerely hope that this first step to help those whose lives have been damaged and interrupted by crime will be supported by all citizens.

Doug King, Sheriff