WYTHE COUNTY, VA – Mount Rogers Planning District Commission will be providing a communications portal for Wythe County citizens. This portal will assist in the delivery of information for any unexpected or unforeseen issues that occur during broadband installation. Utilizing this portal will offer Wythe County citizens direct access to the local government liaison who can then make certain the information is passed to the proper individuals.  

Providing broadband and internet access to the majority of Wythe County is a huge win for our citizens, businesses, children, and families, By providing an avenue for our citizens to communicate with us, we are able to identify any issues that have occurred during the Virginia Telecommunications Initiative (VATI) expansion project(s) and offer connections that lead to solutions. 

“As Point Broadband continues to invest in our community, both residents and businesses will benefit from fiber-fast internet speeds and greater reliability,” said Tony Carter, General Manager of Point Broadband. “Wythe County’s growth is dependent upon expanded infrastructure and Point Broadband is proud to be contributing through our Fiber Optic Network.” Construction progress and be found at https://www.point-broadband.com/new-areas/wythe 

Citizens can access the portal by calling the Mount Rogers Planning District Commission at 276-783-5103.

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