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Parks & Rec - Basketball
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Junior Varsity Basketball

Boys and Girls

4th and 5th grade
5th graders cannot turn twelve (12) years of age before January 1st, 2013

All games played at local elementary school

Season – November 10th – December 15th


Varsity Basketball

Boys and Girls

6th and 7th grade
7th graders cannot turn fourteen (14) years of age before January 1st, 2013

All games played at local elementary schools.
Season – January 5th – February 18th

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VHSL Rules will be utilized except in the following situations:

1)         Junior Varsity - 4th & 5th Graders ONLY

-5th Graders – Cannot turn twelve (12)

years of age before January 1, 2012.

Varsity - 6th & 7th Graders ONLY

- 7th Graders – Cannot turn fourteen (14)

years of age before January 1, 2012.

2) A Wythe County Parks and Recreation Department registration/release form must be completed before a participant can practice or play in a game.  A copy of the participants’ birth certificate must be on file with the WCP&RD prior to the first game.

3)         Rosters will be limited to thirteen (13) players.

4)         All teams must be at the specified gymnasium twenty (20) minutes prior to the scheduled start of their game and must be ready to play ten (10) minutes prior to the designated start time.

5)         Each coach must submit to the scorekeeper a completed WCP&RD roster/score sheet, with players listed in numeric order (lowest to highest) and the starting lineup designated, at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of the game.

6)         All teams will be given a five (5) minute warm-up period prior to the start of the game.

7)         All Coaches/Booster Clubs are to provide warm-up basketballs for their teams.  Game balls will be used only for the games and will not be made available for warm-ups.

8)         A 28.5 inch basketball will be used for the Junior Varsity Boys and Girls and Varsity Girls teams.  Varsity boys will use a 29.5 inch basketball.

9)         Junior Varsity – four (4) six (6) minute quarters.

Varsity – four (4) six (6) minute quarters.

- If a team is ahead by fifteen (15) points the clock will also run continuously

during the last two (2) quarters of the game.

10)       Teams may begin a game with minimum of four (4) players; however, if the

fifth (5th) player arrives late to the game; he/she must wait until a dead ball

situation before he/she can enter the game.

11)       Every player must play three (3) continuous minutes in each quarter. This does not apply to those players who foul out or leave the game due to injury.  A coach may limit playing time for a player for disciplinary reasons.  Coaches must supply the scorekeeper with a list of names of the participants with limited playing time before the game begins and inform the player and parents of the reason for the disciplinary action.

12)       Any coach found in violation of rule eleven (11) will be:

  1. 1st Offense – Suspended from the next game which includes all practices that

lead up to that game.  The coach will not be allowed on any premises in which his/her team should gather as a formal or informal practice.  If this should occur, the coach will be stripped of certification.

  1. 2nd Offense – Coach will be stripped of certification and will not be able to

coach in any capacity for the remainder of the season.  The coach will be referred to the Recreation Commission for any other disciplinary action that they may deem appropriate.

13)      Each team will be allowed two (2) sixty (60) second time-outs per half.  In the event of overtime, each team will be awarded an additional time-out for each overtime period.

14)       The free-throw line will be regulation fifteen (15) feet from the backboard for all varsity games and twelve (12) feet from the backboard for all junior varsity games.

15)       There are no defensive alignment restrictions except as noted in rules sixteen (16) and seventeen (17).

16)       Junior Varsity – No full court press allowed anytime.

17)       Varsity – Full court press is allowed anytime.  However, a team that is ahead by ten (10) or more points may not utilize a full court press.

18)       In case of a tie, there will be one (1) three (3) minute over-time period.  If the score is still tied after the first over-time period, then one (1) minute over-time periods will be played until a winner is determined.  Each overtime period will begin with a jump ball.

19)       Only two (2) coaches allowed per team.  Only team players and the two coaches will be permitted on the bench or in the bench area.  A technical foul will be assessed for each violation of this rule.  Each team may have a scorekeeper/playing timekeeper sitting behind the bench.  This individual may only discuss with the coach who has played and the amount of time each player has played.  The individual must remain seated at all times and may not talk with players, enter the huddle or coach in any way.

20)       Coaches and Assistants

  1. Only the head coach may stand or be off the bench in any way during the playing of the game and he/she must remain in the coaching box.  An assistant coach must remain on the bench at all times except during a timeout.  If both coaches are standing, the referee will give a warning to the bench, and then if this continues, a technical foul will be assessed to the assistant coach.  In the event that a head coach receives a technical foul, he/she loses the right to stand or be off the bench for the remainder of the game.
  2. If the coach receives a second technical foul for unsportsmanlike conduct, he/she will leave the gymnasium for the remainder of the game and will be suspended for the next contest in which his/her team competes and from all practices leading up to that contest.
  3. A coach who is ejected from a second game for unsportsmanlike conduct will be suspended for the remainder of the season and be refereed to the Recreation Department for any further disciplinary action.

21)       Parent/Spectator unsportsmanlike behavior can result in a technical foul, which

is awarded to the team they support and they will be removed from the premises.

22)       Coaches are responsible for cleaning up all trash/water from the bench areas after each game.

23)       If games are canceled due to inclement weather, the Wythe County Parks and

Recreation Department will notify each Booster Club President or Athletic Director, and that person will be responsible for contacting each coach.  The Wythe County Parks and Recreation Department does have a Twitter account and updates schedule changes in these instances.  We recommend all coaches sign up to follow Twitter announcements.

24)       If Wythe County Public Schools are closed or dismissed early due to inclement weather, no practices or games will be held on that day at any location.

25)       A player cannot have been retained in grade more than one (1) year to compete in          the grade he/she is currently enrolled in and may not compete more than two seasons in any one division.

26)       Any player who plays basketball on an organized school sponsored team during the current middle school and/or high school season is not eligible to compete in basketball during the current recreation league season.

27)       If Wythe County Public Schools are closed or dismissed early due to influenza or similar circumstances, no practices or games will be held on that day at any location.  If schools are closed or dismissed on Friday for influenza or other medical conditions, no games or practices may be held throughout the weekend.  In the unlikely event that an individual school is closed due to influenza, then that school may not practice or participate in games on that day (or weekend if it is on a Friday).  Any game scheduled for that school on that day (or weekend) will be rescheduled at a later date.  Games scheduled between other schools may still be played based upon determination by the Wythe County Parks & Recreation Department.

28)       Due to pandemic flu concerns, coaches shall not allow players diagnosed with influenza to practice or play until they have received doctors permission to return to school.

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