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Flowing Water

Wythe County Public Education and Outreach Plan

The goal of the Wythe County Public Education and Outreach Plan is to create awareness about the County's groundwater supply and its importance, and educate the community and the general public about how their actions affect groundwater quality. The plan outlines a public outreach and education program that focuses on awareness.

Clean and safe drinking water is vital to our way of life. It is a critical component of our economy, health and pro-active lifestyle. As our communities continue to grow, the increasing demand emphasizes the importance of the need to protect our precious water resources.

Drinking water from the County's system is so readily available that the everyday user begins to overlook and take for granted the source of the supply. Unforeseen impacts to the source of a community's water supply can be detrimental to the overall health and well being of the community. Users must be aware of the potential impacts that may result from negligence or lack of concern. It is the responsibility of the whole community to maintain a safe and healthy water supply system now and into the future.

The County's efforts are described throughout the website. Please see the Public Education and Current Events pages for more on what you can do to help.


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