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If you are the victim of a crime you may be entitled to the following:

  • PROTECTION: separate waiting area while your case is being heard.
  • FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: prompt return of property being held as evidence as the conclusion of the case.  Information about filing for Crime Victims' Compensation.
  • NOTIFICATION: employer contact to ensure that you are excused from work while appearing in court as a victim or witness.  Case status and disposition information about your case.  Notification from a local jail or the penitentiary of the convicted assailant's release or name change.  Notification from the Attorney General's Office of an appeal being granted (All upon written request which can be accomplished through the Victim/Witness Program) without cost to you.
  • VICTIM INPUT: submission of a victim impact statement after defendant's conviction.  Ability to remain in court during your case, unless excluded as a material witness or by order of the court.
  • COURTROOM ASSISTANCE: confidentiality of your address, phone number and place of employment (on request).  Provision of an interpreter during court proceedings.
  • RESTITUTION: the defendant can be ordered by the court to pay a restitution to the victim of the crime.  If the victim has had medical costs, damage or loss resulting from an offense, the court may order the victim be reimbursed by the defendant.

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