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1. Meter mounting device furnished at no cost by Appalachian Power Company and to be installed by the customer. Mount plumb on pole 5 to 6 feet above ground. Customer Service equipment must be inspected and approved prior to A.E.P. energizing service.

2. If 3 wire service entrance is installed as shown, customer shall install protective conduit on service pole to prevent damage to his conductors from lawn mower and other causes. Rigid nonmetallic conduit (or plastic) can be used.

3. National Electrical Code requires a 5/8 inch by 8 foot ground rod or a 3/4 inch by 8 foot section of galvanized steel pipe if a 10 foot or longer underground metallic piping water system is not available. Grounding electrode conductor should be copper and sized in accordance with Note 4. A continuous ground wire must run from the mobile home frame to the disconnect box.

4. Feeder assembly furnished and installed by customer. Sized as follows (included size for grounding conductor electrodes):

Service Capacity
Conductor Size
Service Entrance Copper Grounding
Electrode Conductor
Aluminum Copper
100 2 4 6
150 2/0 1 6
200 4/0 2/0 6


5. Home must be tied down and piers must be at least 18 inches below ground level.

6. Tie downs and blocking are to be placed in accordance with factory recommendations on new manufactured homes.

On used manufactured homes, frame ties must be placed within 2 feet of each end of the home and no more that 12 feet center to center. Piers must be placed within 2 feet of each end and double blocked along main beams no more than 10 feet center to center.(For Perimeter piers, see Typical Blocking Diagram (Page 4). Factory recommendations will be accepted in lieu of these requirements.

7. Manufactured homes located within a mobile home park, must be placed at least 30 feet from any existing structure other than utility buildings. Utility buildings may be within 5 feet of manufactured home.

8. Section 36-99.8 of the Code of Virginia requires that any manufactured home installed or relocated pursuant to the State Building Code must have skirting installed within sixty (60) days after the date approved for occupancy.

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